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Ground Support


Rubber Compound per MIL-H 8794F (Petroleum-based Fluids) For red oil applications only


Rubber Compound per MIL-H 8788


5000 psi: Kevlar TM PTFE; Light-weight; Phosphate Ester Compatible Hoses--Contact Division


AEROSPACE DUCTINGS have been qualified for the following fields of application: -ECS / ECU -APU -PSU Panels -Cabin air conditioning -Galley cooling and ventilation -Vacuum toilette systems -Drainage -Bleed air ducts -Fuel Jettison -Cable protection -Electronic system ventilation -Fireproof bulkhead connections aerospace DUCTINGS meet the requirements of JAR/FAR 25.853(b) and of ATS 1000.001/ABD 0031.

GSE Coupling

Ground Support Equipment Coupling is fully interchangeable with many existing systems